Agenda-Free And Unbiased Coverage Of Boxing

Split D Boxing is an independent boxing network dedicated to bringing you unbiased coverage, opinions, and analysis of the greatest sport on Earth. Furthermore our coverage of the sport comes from a position of love and respect for boxing; meaning that there are no fighter, promoter, or network loyalties/agendas here. We aim to not only bring you around the clock coverage of boxing but we encourage our audience to participate in discussions about the sport via social media as well. It is our hope that we will become a home for both those with a life long passion for the sport as well as those who’ve just discovered it.

Scott Jarvis

The founder and owner of Split D Boxing is a life long boxing fan having been weened on the sport by his father, grandfather, and uncles. A child of the 80’s, Scott grew up admiring fighters like Mike Tyson, Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns, and became the fan he is today after watching Halger vs Hearns, just 3 weeks shy of his 12th birthday. Scott has been a writer for 15 years and wants to see boxing become more accessible and less cost prohibitive for those who love it as well as those who’ve just discovered the sport.